how to bridge the AI anxiety gap at work and seize job opportunities.

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how to bridge the AI anxiety gap at work and seize job opportunities.

24 Nov 2023

While AI is often portrayed as a threat to people’s livelihood, this technology is actually drumming up considerable excitement, especially as workers realize the potential benefit it can bring to their current job and careers. A positive view of generative and other artificial intelligence is especially high among younger workers, many of whom are already leveraging it day to day in their jobs. Even so, is the world ready for a future of work reinvented by rapidly evolving AI?

There is strong evidence this will be the case. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Future of Jobs Report, three-quarters of the world’s leading companies expect to adopt AI in their organization, and 50% believe it will spur job growth while just 25% say jobs will be lost. Already, the technology is being widely adopted in healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture and recruitment.

Employers’ net positive view of AI’s impact on the labor market is shared by a majority of people that we surveyed in our latest Workmonitor Pulse research. Conducted in the third quarter of this year, the research aimed to understand how people viewed AI and its impact on their jobs, careers and future. It turns out there is quite a bit of excitement and optimism accompanied by some trepidation.

More than half say AI will lead to their own career growth and promotion, and nearly as many (47%) are excited about the prospect of AI in the workplace, compared with just 39% who are worried about job loss. About one-third are already using some kind of form of AI at work while more than half (53%) say this technology will eventually affect their industry and job.